Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Downpour we Can Trust

A Downpour We Can trust
By David Smith April 6, 2010

The Pitter-patter of the pounding rain
Sounds like a voice with an unpleasant refrain.
Quiet as a whisper and loud as a thunderous roar;
Adjusting to weather can be a chore.

Relate it to a marriage; emotions are frail;
After the tears drop, through clear skies we can sail.
Seeing the beauty as drops slowly fall;
Anger as eyes snap and vocal variety will call;

It’s all the rhythm and part of the dance;
As life is lived, words reflected by chance.
That is the joy as the weather relates to us;
The down pouring, exquisite beauty of life we can trust.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Toast to Canada

Toast to Canada
By David Smith March 25, 2010

A bright red, flag on the pole that I see
A pure white background gives us complete liberty.
There if waves unfolding in the breeze;
Canada, the country, citizens with ease.

To be raised through the years in the this country of ours
Through God Save the Queen, the Crown and her towers.
The Union Jack in Grade One at school;
Then in Grade nine “O Canada” was the rule.
Our new flag raised up the pole.
Changes take place as life’s on a roll.

And eying change from one generation to the next;
Childhood memory is like a history text.
Eying the present; the Maple leaf in the breeze
A mature nation did not come with ease
Looking at Canada since its birth through the years.
A proud history as we overcome fears.

Though two world wars and Korea too
And in the present, we have a voice so true.
Toastmasters stand, and exercise your voice
A toast to Canada is our choice.
To Canada

The First VS the Seventh Day

The First vs. the Seventh Day
By David Smith June 21, 2007

The seventh day of the week he rested
Six days of work the week invested
The Sabbath, the rest, the seventh day we hear;
It’s the first day of the week we hold so dear;
The LORD’s Day, the first day, the bread and the cup;
The first day of the week when Christians, they sup;
Why the change, as I ponder a tear?
The Word of the LORD, the New Covenant that is clear;
By grace are ye saved through faith alone
The Old Covenant and commandments when sacrifices where the tone;
Now by grace where faith takes a front seat;
Christ came for the sinner, His sacrifice is so sweet;
He arose on the first day, the Day of the Lord;
Thy word is the power, the doctrine, the sword;
The first day of the week the disciples celebrate Christ
In remembrance, the breaking, the bread so nice;
Now the New Covenant, the Lord rose from the Cross;
Old ways of tradition; a New Testament comes across;
Now the new nature, new birth and baptism grand;
Christ is the door. Salvation at hand;
That’s why the change from the seventh to the first;
Under the Law under perfect standards; we’re a curse;
Now on the first day, the empty tomb we can see
A risen Lord, Salvation by grace for You and Me.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Attitude VS Circumstances

Attitude VS Circumstances
By David Smith July 2, 2008

Circumstance in life explains why we are here
At this moment, at this time, at this place we appear
It’s not the circumstance but acceptance of what is at hand
Our internal thoughts, power and confidence, as we stand
It’s not the place but how to internally connect
A balance within; a joy that is set
A smile on a face, waves of despair come and go
It builds resilience and character we know
Not a set of circumstances, but following the dream
The finished product, a vision that is seen
Embrace what life has, and search within
That is the power
What our thoughts are in
Dwell on what’s important; a life to embrace
Developing courage; responsibility we face.

Sunday, March 21, 2010